legends Greyhounds

Available Dogs - MISS LUNA

Luna is available to a person wanting an energetic, activity focused dog for a personal companion. She is five years old and already spayed. Now, Luna does NOT get along with other female dogs or small animals, she defends her right to rule.  Luna is very energetic and smart and approaches every outing with a pushy, :"Let's go now, what's taking you so long?" attitude.   She is a great house pet with excellent manners in the home, but we are a multi-dog home and Luna is a Type A personality, or an 'Alpha B----'.  That means she will NOT get along with our other dogs, so, sadly, we are willing to let her go to the right person with the right situation. Please contact us if Luna sounds like the right dog for you.    email:  legendsgreys@earthlink.net     phone: 512-497-4559

 Champion Pedigrees, Companion Personalities

Legends Greyhounds       512-497-4559      legendsgreys@earthlink.net

Legends companion dogs are current on necessary immunizations and routine health regimens, and are available on a spay/neuter agreement.

- Adequately fenced yards are absolutely required -

Please inquire if you are interested in owning a Legends greyhound.  We'd love to talk to you about Greyhounds, your expectations, and the particular characteristics you are looking for in a family pet dog.

Legends Greyhounds complies with both USDA and Texas requirements for companion animal care and the Greyhound Club of America's Ethical Guidelines.